COVID-19 Protocol

As we re-open our guest house we have had to adhere to the strict guidelines and protocols for accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are guided by two standards with the first being the TBCSA protocols which are extensive and procedural, applying to the largest to the smallest establishments. The second is the AirBnb Enhance Cleaning Protocol which is shorter and better designed for small establishments such as ourselves. We have examined many other guidelines including those available from the national government, and from these have formulated our own approach based on the following attributes of our establishment:

  • We only take one group at a time and do not share the establishment with other groups.
  • No other visitors or friends are allowed to join you at the guest house, it is limited to those booking and staying as the house.
  • We have a permanent and small staff who live on the property and who do not have to travel home after work.
  • We conduct a detailed clean between guests, with full sanitization of all touch points.
  • We require that all guests leave on time and we cannot allow late check-outs.
  • We also cannot allow for early check-in except by prior arrangements.
  • Our staff wear masks and gloves at all times, and conduct their cleaning when the guests are out of the house.
  • We can limit the cleaning staff activities if required to suit the needs of the guests.
  • We provide sanitizers and soap at all places where needed to allow for suitable hand cleaning,
  • We expect that our guests, acting as a group, will conduct themselves appropriately in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols including hand washing, sanization, mask-wearking ad social distancing as suits the group and we to not impose this ourselves.