With the re-opening after the lockdown we are in a new normal world in which COVID-19 safety is paramount to our guests and to our staff and these protocols will continue until there are regulations which allow us to relax these.

The summary of our protocol is provided here, and we are updating this as required based on our experience.

The highlights of this protocol are:

  • no additional guests are allowed to be on the property except for those who have booked
  • we only book for a single group at a time and you will have the place to yourselves
  • you are required to manage your own group protocols for safety, but will be required to undertake the full protocol when engaging with our staff
  • the full protocol requires regular hand-washing or sanitization, mask wearing, and social distancing
  • we conduct a full sanitize clean between guest
  • we require our guests to stick to the agreed check-in and check-out times to allow us time for the full sanitization

Beyond these, it is business as usual, and you will find that all of the business in the valley are ready and able to support you, and each provides their own protocol which will mostly mean required mask-wearing and sanitization on entry, with limited numbers allowed with close environments.

Dr Roger Layton.