To encourage your return to leisure travel I am offering special rates, effectively taking our rate card back 2-3 years. I hope that this will help you to get your group asssembled and off to the Berg for a great weekend or mid-week getaway.

Better still, create your own long-weekend by taking in a Friday or Monday in addition to the weekend. You deserve it!

I see two core issues which have pervaded our lives during the lockdown. Firstly that we have been locked up far more than we are assumstomed to. Secondly that we have limited funds due to the loss of income during the lockdown.

So here I help you to solve both of these issue. Come to the Ondini Guest House at rates which you can afford, and being self-catering we are far more affordable than the full-service establishments. Bring your familiar, your friends, and just enjoy being up in the mountains.

I look forward to having you back at Ondini Guest House.

Dr Roger Layton.